You won't have seen anything like ROKUS on the high street. They are the beautiful product of what happens when diverse training, craft, inspirations, aesthetic and cultures all entwine to create something unique. I've brought them along to House Of EY because I think they're the ideal accessory for a flexible work-wardrobe.

The reason for this is that for anyone looking for "desk to dinner" garments and accessories, one tip to keeping both the glamour and the professionalism is to take a minimalist approach.

You've got to avoid patterns, pick no more than two colours, and obey the "two out of three" rule. Out of the trio of hair, makeup and clothes, make sure only two of those are glammed up, and you'll shine in any environment without looking over or under-done. 

Wearing red lippy and an LBD? Keep the hair down and casual. Gone for an elaborate updo and high heels? Stick with the understated trousers and blouse. And picked out a demure dress with casual hair?

This is where ROKUS comes in. Their beautiful pieces burst with character and glamour thanks to their African roots and architectural forms, but because those roots and forms are approached with a minimalist aesthetic, they make a statement without being overwhelming. 

Pair up their jewellery with your favourite work outfit and suddenly you go from More London Place to... where?

Well, ROKUS has been featured in Vogue UK, NY Times and COCO magazines and has been worn by artists such as Shingai Shoniwa and Fay Milton from the bands Noisettes and The Savages.

So you'll be in excellent company.