Stacy Chan

They say creativity is intelligence having fun, and Stacy Chan's bags are proof she's one bright cookie.

She wasn't always a designer, she started life working in finance in Mayfair before taking a Handbag Design course at LCF. In a few short years she's won awards and her bags have been toted by the likes of their Royal Highnesses Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

Stacy Chan has taken a unique, minimalist construction as a starting point, which works perfectly for the office. Yet, she's found a way to balance the design with accents of bold colour which I think look marvellous. Luckily, the Independent Handbag Design Awards in New York agree, they awarded her the "Best Use of Pantone Colour Award" this year.

I can't emphasise the pedigree these bags have, they're all handmade in the Italy and they look it. The lines, the leather, the cutaways to block colours. This is a must-have bag for a woman who wants to express understated quality in her style, but not compromise on character and individuality.

I want to finish with Stacy in her own words:

"When I think about the designers I love, they are both the ones that have changed the way we view shape and form, and also the ones which display an elegant simplicity. I wanted to stay true to both of those ideas."

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