Valo is a jewellery brand created by two Finnish designers who have made their creative home in London. All of their products are hand-made within the UK so I couldn't be more pleased to introduce you to a brand quite literally forged in England.

Mira and Stina live and breathe gems, their wrists tinkle with the sound of stones when they gesture, and they are particularly interested in combining their jewellery with well-being and health. We live in turbulent times and just as Gudrun and Gudrun provide the warm hug of a wool jumper, these two designers give you light and positivity. I defy anybody to not think of cool woodland streams and sparkling fjords when trying on their jewellery.

Valo caters to both men and women, and have applied their gift with colour design to stationery too. So anybody looking for a Christmas gift for a hard-to-buy-for husband, or Christmas card which isn't run of the mill, I recommend taking a look when you book House Of Hygge.