Gudrun And Gudrun

When I conceived House Of Hygge I knew there was one label which was a must-have: Guðrun & Guðrun.

This brand encapsulates everything: I hugely admire Gudrun and Gudrun, the two female designers behind the label who have brought high fashion credentials to their beautiful passion of knitwear. 

I adore their pride and dedication to their homeland of the Faroe Islands - each piece is handmade in that tiny archipelago, you can almost smell the crashing seas in the very wool itself.

Wool which has a rare waterproof quality, just perfect for roaming Arctic seas in longboats, or navigating Oxford Circus.

Plus, Danish smash hit The Killing discovered the brand and now the main character Sarah Lund is synonymous with the Gudrun and Gudrun jumper. Here she is in Gudrun and Gudrun:

Gudrun and Gudrun Sarah Lund Nordic Jumper

Now that is Power Dressing Danish Style.

I can't wait to introduce you to the cosiest jumpers in Britain - check out House Of Hygge for your chance to try the brand.